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EMSAN Meeting - Jan 2019

In attendance:

Chair: Prita Daliya

Attendees: Alfie Adiamah, Phil Herrod, Hannah Boyd-Carson, Dileep Lobo, Edward Alabraba, Isabel Pereira, Pritam Singh, Elena Theophilidou, Fady Yanni, Simon Parsons, Karen Asher (NIHR), Adam Brooks, Edward Dickson, Chukwuemeka Wosu, Edmund Dickson, Nick Moody, Arjun Shajpal, Charlie Barter, Nabih Hanbali, Amir Khawaja, Amari Thompson, Francesca Malcolm, Farah Roslan, Chris Lewis-Lloyd, Anisa Kushairi, Asem Ermiah.

Apologies: Karen Pearson (NIHR), Mukul Dube, Austin Acheson, Tanvir Hossain, John-Joe Reilly, Panchali Sarmah, Paul Leeder.

Meeting summary:

Updates on EMSAN FaST audit: - Platform presentation at SARS 2019. Fasting and Surgery Timing (FaST) audit: Are patients

fasting for too long preoperatively? BJS 2019; 106 (S3):24.

- Manuscript preparation underway.

Updates on EMSAN WES-Pi survey: - Poster presentation at SARS 2019. Winter cancellations of operations in the UK: A questionnaire survey of patients on the economic and psychological impact. BJS 2019; 106


- Manuscript submitted for publication.

New study proposals:

Collaborative study on prescribing:

- A study preliminary study protocol has been devised.

- Steering group needed.

Patient-facing survey:

- An early protocol has been developed and discussed with the research design service.

- Steering group needed.

Collaborative studies:

A summary of collaborative studies presented, and regional involvement discussed...

SUNRRiSE: (Single Use Negative pRessure dressing for Reduction In Surgical site infection following Emergency laparotomy).

- A national multi-centre RCT: To determine the difference in wound infection rates in patients

who receive portable single-use negative pressure dressings (SUNPD) compared to standard


- Starting soon across the East Midlands. Collaborators needed.

- A national, multi-arm, multi-stage, multi-centre RCT: Assessment of several interventions in

the reduction of SSI.

- Starting soon across the East Midlands. Collaborators needed.

MOPAAS Study: (Management & Outcomes of Perioperative Anaemia in emergency Abdominal Surgery).

- Multicentre prospective audit: To characterise the management of perioperative anaemia in

patients undergoing emergency abdominal surgery.

- Starting soon at NUH. Edward Dickson leading the study at NUH. Collaborators needed.

REBOA Trial: (Resuscitative Endovascular Balloon Occlusion of the Aorta).

- Multi-centre, RCT evaluating the effects of early high-dose cryoprecipitate in major trauma


TELA: (Trauma Emergency Laparotomy Audit).

- An RCT comparing laparoscopic cholecystectomy vs. observation/conservative management

for uncomplicated symptomatic gallstones.

ROMIO: (Randomised Oesophagectomy: Minimally Invasive or Open).

- Open, vs. combined vs. keyhole surgery for people with oesophageal cancer of the food


CIPHER: (UK Cohort study to Investigate the prevention of Parastomal HERnia).

- Open, vs. combined vs. keyhole surgery for people with oesophageal cancer of the food

Other business:


- Traditional EMSAN committee roles to be reinstated, with separate roles per steering group

per study. Please get in touch ASAP!!

NIHR associate PI scheme:

- Opportunity to be a trainee Principal Investigator to help trainees become future PIs.

- Participation in research requires completion of ‘Good Clinical Practice’ (GCP) training.

- The course is free and can be completed face-to-face, or online. Certificates are valid for 3

years (separate for Primary care & Secondary care), after which they require renewal with a

‘refresher course’.


Also consider a unique identified for yourself with an ORCID ID.

- There is availability for trainees to be involved in NIHR and division 6 meetings.

Authorship discussion:

- Clear defined roles to drawn up with study protocols prior to study dissemination, with separate author and collaborator roles as per ICMJE definitions.

Important dates:

ASGBI: 7-8 May 2019, Telford.

BADS: 27-28 June 2019, London. Still accepting abstracts…deadline 13 Apr 2019.

ACPGBI: 1-3 Jul 2019, Dublin.

48th World Congress of Surgery: 11-15 August 2019, Krakow

ESPEN: 31 Aug-3 Sept 2019, Krakow.

AUGIS: 25-27 Sept 2019, Liverpool. Abstract submission not open yet

Next Meeting:

Date: April-May 2019. TBC.

Time: 6:30pm - 8pm.

Venue: TBC

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