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There are definite benefits to getting involved in research collaboratives. You can read more about surgical research collaboratives in the UK here or visit the National Research Collaborative website.

Here are the links to just some of the other research collaboratives in the UK...

ASC: Academic Surgical Collaborative.

ARMY: Anaesthetic Audit & Research Matrix of Yorkshire.

BNTRC: British Neurosurgical Trainee Research Collaborative.

BURST: British Urological Researchers in Surgical Training.

Carrel Club: Association for UK transplant surgical trainees.

Cleft: Cleft trainee collaborative.

CORNET: Collaborative Orthopaedic Research NETwork.

CTRC: Cardiothoracic Research Trainees Collaborative.

EESuRG: East of England Surgical Research Group.

ETRC: ENT Trainee Research Collaboration.

EQUIP: Evaluation of QUality of Information for Patients.

GARNet: Gastroenterology Audit and Research NETwork.

GeMRC: Geriatric Medicine Research Collaborative.

ISRC: Irish Surgeons Research Collaborative.

KSS Surgeons: KSS surgeons research collaborative.

LSRG: London Surgical Research Group.

MARC-WM: Maxillofacial Audit and Research Collaborative - West Midlands.

MTReC: Maxillofacial Trainees Research Collaborative.

MIC: Medical Interests Collaborative.

MeRGS: Mersey Research Group for Surgery.

MROG: Midlands Research collaborative in Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

NITCAR: National Infection Trainee Collaborative for Audit and Research.

NWRAG: North West Research and Audit Group.

NoSTRA: Northern Surgical Trainees Research Association.

NWRC: North West Research Collaborative.

OSCAR: Oswestry and Stoke Collaborative for Audit & Research.

OxSCAR: Oxford Surgical Collaborative in Audit and Research.

OCTN: Ophthalmology trainee Clinical Trials Network (London).

PSTRN: Paediatric Surgical Trainee Research Network.

RSTN: Reconstructive Surgery Trials Network.

RAFT: Research and Audit Federation of Trainees.

SSRG: Scottish Surgical Research Group.

SPARCS: Severn & Peninsula Audit and Research Collaborative for Surgeons.

SPoARC: Southcoast Peri-operative Audit and Research Collaboration.

SEARCH: South East Anaesthetic Research Chain.

SHARC: South Yorkshire Hospitals Audit and Research Collaboration.

SYSuRG: South Yorkshire Surgical Research Group.

SWARM: South West Anaesthesia Research Matrix.

STARSurg: Student Audit & Research in Surgery.

VERN: Vascular & Endovascular Research Network.

WSRG: Warwickshire Surgical Research Group.

WBS: Welsh Barbers Research Group.

WMRC: West Midlands Research Collaborative.

TRAIN: West Midlands Trainee Research in Anaesthesia and Intensive care Network.

WMURAC: West Midlands Urology Regional Audit Collaborative.

WSRG: Warwickshire Surgical Research Group.

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