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EMSAN Meeting - June 2018

In attendance:

Chair: Prita Daliya

Attendees: Phil Herrod, Tan Sian, Panchali Sarmah, Ahmed El-Sharkawy, Alfie Adiamah, Tanvir Hossain, Edward Dickson, Anisa Kushairi, Wosu Chukwuemeka, Dileep Lobo, Mukul Dube.

Apologies: Hannah Boyd-Carson, David Humes, Ed Charles, Tim Rattay, Jennifer Couch.

Meeting summary:

Updates on current EMSAN studies:

- Good interest for FaST audit, and WES-Pi survey.

- FaST audit now closed, WES-Pi due to be completed July 2018.

- Aim to analyse preliminary data by August 2018 in preparation for SARS 2019.

- Discussions regarding study management to assist future developments.

New study proposals:

- 2 studies on body composition discussed and undergoing development.

- 1 survey-based study discussed, protocol development and study design to be started.

- 1 collaborative audit discussed, protocol development and study design to be started.

Collaborative studies:

A summary of collaborative studies presented, and regional involvement discussed...


Other business:

- Consensus to rotate amongst other regional sites.

- Availability of conferencing facilities re-emphasised to aid meeting attendance.

- Discussions on funding ongoing. Need for grant applications for future studies discussed.

Important dates:

East Midlands Surgical Society meeting (next week):

- Friday 15 June, 09:00-16:00.

- King's Mill Hospital, Education Centre.

- Further info on EMSS website.

6th ESPEN symposium on peri-operative nutrition:

- Sunday 14th– Monday 15th October 2018.

- East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham.

- Further information on ESPEN website.

Next Meeting:

Date: Tuesday 14th August 2018.

Time: 6:30pm - 8pm.

Venue: The Boardroom, Research Corridor, South Block, Queen's Medical Centre, Nottingham.

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