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EMSAN Meeting - January 2018

In attendance:

Attendees: Ahmed El-Sharkawy, Alfie Adiamah, Hannah Boyd-Carson, Phil Herrod, Prita Daliya, Tanvir Singh Sian, Panchali Sarmah, Dileep Lobo.

Meeting summary:

Updates on upcoming EMSAN studies: FaST, WES-Pi.

New study proposals offered - study leads required, and protocol development.

Update on national collaborative projects due to start, and identification of EMSAN involvement.

EMSAN sponsorship confirmed with the East Midlands Surgical Society, with discussions on re-branding.

Next Meeting:

Date: February 2017. Date to be confirmed - between 19th February-2nd March. DoodlePoll to be arranged.

Time: 6pm - 8pm.

Venue: TBC - potential to have simultaneous North & South meetings with conference call facilities.

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